A chilled welcome to Champagne Tips!

Welcome to Champagne Tips – a blog all about Champagne, but not what you’re expecting…

We are your cheap Champagne Consultants!

When most people buy a Champagne its usually to a budget, and its usually to share with someone else! Our main goal is to find the best Champagne’s under $100, to help you establish if your money is being well spent when you buy for your special people (that includes yourself)!

We’re not Sommeliers or Oenologists, nor Master Winemakers and big-time wine writers. We’re just a bunch of self-funded young wine lovers that are keen to try as much of the Champagne world as we can (but still have a bank balance) and share the experience with you!

We’re all about helping you get a better understanding of Champagne and its culture with honest, easy to read reviews and articles. We also put forth basic ideas for gifting, food-matching and event-matching a Champagne so you can make an informed choice!


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