Review: Collet Blanc de Blancs NV

Champagne Collet is the oldest cooperative body in champagne and is based in Ay, Champagne.

Founded in 1921 to protect independent wine makers from counterfeit, the COGEVI group (selling as Collet – after original director Raoul Collet) was born out of the champagne riots of 1911 when a streak of disastrous vintages and the illegal use of grapes sourced from other regions of France led to the implementation of the laws that now protect Champagne and its production.

Despite many early hardships such as poor economics and World War II – the cooperative persevered and survived. Today, it has the facilities to store up to some 27 million bottles!

Collet enjoys a very close relationship with the gastronomic world – and as such gears much of it’s product around restaurant distribution – particularly fine dining. That’s not to say you can’t find a bottle with a hard enough look!

We came into this bottle at a recent champagne tasting (it’s surprising what you can uncover at such events) for a bargain – and while I have been struggling to find another since – David Jones appears to be beginning to sell the Collet’s wears to the mainstream public.

Lets see how this one goes!

Champagne Collet NV Blanc de Blancs
Champagne Collet NV Blanc de Blancs


From: Ay, Champagne, France

Code: CM-805-018

Cost & Source: $100 a bottle from Vine

Blend Ratio (%): Pinot Noir/Chardonnay/Pinot Meunier (0/100/0) with 7.5g/l dosage.

Aging: 5 Years

Disgorged: N/A

Sipped: December 2017

In the Glass:

Look: A very clear, pale golden tint. strong medium-sized bead (bubbles).

Smell: A refreshing hit of sweet citrus – reminds me of lemon candies.

Taste: This Collet has a great first hit of light honey on fresh bread. This quickly transitions to a nice and tangy flavour of lemon sorbet with some fresh granny smith apples thrown in, and rolls into fresh, firm pear.

It has a slightly unbalanced tartness towards the end of the sip, and the fruit edge drops off a little – but none of this enough to throw you off course for another serve.

Lots of character.


Party Potential: Too hard to find, and too expensive for it to be a bulk buy for parties. If you can source a single bottle it make for great BYO pre-dinner party fare.

As a Gift: While not the most well known brand out there – Collet has it place with your favorite wine buff friend.

At Home: Save this one for a small gathering of your nearest and dearest.

Score & Verdict:


At $100 I feel it is only average value for the quality.

How did I drink it?

A quiet night in with friends before take away Thai food.

How did you drink it?

And how did you find it? Let me know!

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