Freshen Your Drink: Lanson Black Label

Some Champagnes have a high level of rotation on the cellar shelves, due to popularity.

Due to this, we re-test big house Brut NV’s each year to ensure that our scoring is based on what you can buy now.

We call this “Freshening your drink” and our scoreboard reflects the latest and greatest bottles you can find on the shelf.


We first tried Lanson Black Label back in 2016, and were impressed with its fruity and honeyed hit for a $40 champagne.

Fast forward to early 2018, and Black Label is ready with refreshed branding to see how it fares with a 2012 base vintage.

Score & Verdict:

This Lanson holds it own again; delivering a sharp, crisp and sweet taste which makes the whole table happy. Serve chilled at optimal temp of 8 degrees celcius.

2018 Score:


Previous Scores:

2016: 7.75

2 thoughts on “Freshen Your Drink: Lanson Black Label

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