Freshen Your Drink: G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut NV

Some Champagnes have a high level of rotation on the cellar shelves, due to popularity.

Due to this, we re-test big house Brut NV’s each year to ensure that our scoring is based on what you can buy now.

We call this “Freshening your drink” and our scoreboard reflects the latest and greatest bottles you can find on the shelf.

We first scored Mumm Cordon Rouge back in late 2016, and only found it to be reasonably drinkable but also disappointing – with little zippy in citrus notes at the start let down by both a lack of depth in flavours and a bitter, short finish (you could say it tastes more like the stems than the grapes).

We were hoping for better from a big house who’s standard bottle costs around $50 each.

Fast forward to mid 2018, and a fresh, new bottle of Mumm is ready to go. Has it improved? Did we originally get a bad batch?

Score & Verdict:

Mumm’s standard fare walks the same line again; giving the drinker a zesty citric hit that lasts a few seconds before it goes bitter and just doesn’t quite sit right. This can be neutralised with food – but to be honest good champagnes should stand up on their own.

There is a moderate improvement here, but no big leap.

2018 Score:


Previous Scores:

2016: 4.5

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