Freshen Your Drink: Moët et Chandon Brut Impérial NV

Some champagnes have a high level of rotation on the cellar shelves, due to popularity.

Due to this, we re-test some big house Brut NV’s each year to ensure that our scoring is based on what you can buy now.

We call this “freshening your drink” and our scoreboard reflects the latest and greatest bottles you can find on the shelf.

We first scored the run-of-the-mill Moët back in late 2016, and found it to be reasonably drinkable but nothing stellar. Fast forward to smack bang the middle 2018, and a fresh, new bottle of Brut Impérial is ready to go.

This is the world’s biggest selling champagne; and the standard bottle costs around $60 each. The problem is; there are three unique blends each year – such is the sheer volume created, so it can be hard to put your finger on exactly what you are going to get.

So, has it improved?

This years run was a slight improvement: Aroma has a sultana heavy nose laced with touches of yeast and citrus.

Introduction has decent strength of flavour, filled with caramelised fruit like sultanas which has a rich sweetness. This then transforms into grapefruit like citric hit of tartness, however this makes fruit flavours taste a little off.

The finish of the Impérial NV is a bit of a rough ride; running with a sour note in the middle of the tongue with an moderately uncomfortable intensity.

Score & Verdict:

Moët’s standard fare walks a slightly different tune here. More fruit expression, and an inviting introduction. Sure, the run to the finish is a bit average and nothing special – but nothing to deter you from unconsciously offering your empty glass to the waiter for more.

2018 Score:


Previous Scores:

2016: 4.5

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