Review: Remy D’Audierre Cuvée Speciale Brut NV

Remy D’Audierre is the bargain price point wine of Champagne Cuperly, a house from Verzy, Champagne.

Cuperly was founded in 1845 a wine and spirits trader at first, with the family taking it into champagne production in the early 1900’s. The pride of the house are it’s vineyards, which are Grand Cru rated – the highest quality in Champagne.

This brings about an interesting question in itself; why would a house based on high quality create a sub-brand to sell cheaper champagne? Well, Cuperly’s speciality in it’s own branded wines are their Grand Cru origins, and I suppose Remy is a means to take whats left over and turn it into more bubbles, without the main brand suffering a drop in image.  This is evident in the bottles labelling; a bland, generic muselet cap greeting you when you rip the scab (capsule) off.

That said, a reasonable amount of care is still applied to this wine too: Two years on lees – a whole year more than most introductory champagnes – should help give it a bit more of a flavour kick.

Let’s pop this open and see how it goes…

Champagne Remy D'Audierre
Champagne Remy D’Audierre


From: Verzy, Champagne, France

Code: NM-165-004

Cost & Source: ~$45 a bottle available from Red Bottle

Blend Ratio (%): Pinot Noir/Chardonnay/Pinot Meunier (40/40/20) with N/A g/l dosage.

Aging: 2 years

Disgorged: N/A

Sipped: July 2018

In the Glass:

Look: Pale golden colour with a medium strength bubble stream.

Smell: Very sweet and young. Slight honey in the nostrils.

Taste: Arrives with a hint of honey, but quickly switches to dry a cashew like sensation.

It’s fruit profile is a bit of green apples and ripe lemons, but this flavour then dives and it ends up feeling a little flat.

The finishing of each sip becomes vinegar like; sour – yet still palatable.

I probably wouldn’t finish this bottle by myself.


Party Potential: I think is good as an odd bottle to a last minute invite; its just a little to anonymous and had to source to go out of your way to acquire (in my opinion)

As a Gift: It’s too unknown to be a mainstream gift. It’ll serve as an oddball one.

At Home: For the price, it spices up a fancy little stay at home dinner quite well.

Score & Verdict:


At $45 I feel it is only average value for the quality.

How did I drink it?

Order in night with my house mates.

How did you drink it?

And how did you find it? Let me know!

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