Champagne Cheat Sheet – Christmas 2018

“What is the best champagne for a Christmas gift?”

It’s that time of the year again, the run into Christmas and New Years.

Life is busy and you’re pretty much in need of a few drinks come December 25th for either the lunch table or to wrap up as a gift.

Let me save you some time with this years Champagne Tipplers Cheat Sheet for the best bang-for-your-buck this festive season.

For simplicity I have avoided the more specialised, hard to find offerings and focused on the brands you can score at your local bottle shop.

$20 to $35

While not seriously condoning buying someone cheap plonk for an Xmas gift – there are a few here that stand out:

De Saint Gall Brut Tradition – Vintage Cellars – $32 (on sale)
New Entrant. Priced to run out before Xmas: A great value cooperative champers from Avize (Chardonnay country) that punches on with well established brands in the $50-$60 price bracket. Here

Cattier Brut NV – First Choice Liquor – $32 (on sale)
This remains on the list because it’s one of the most underrated champers around and this year its no different. A spicy little number that is crisp, dry and zesty – and cheap! Here

$36 to $50

Here is the sweet spot for gifting champagnes. Not too expensive, but not too cheap. A few awesome drops in this range too:

Piper Heidsieck Brut NV – Most Retailers – $42 (on sale)
A mainstay for your Xmas requirements. A slightly sweeter style, but on point flavour wise with good depth. Good for your family Xmas table, also. Did i mention its also better value than most well-known houses? Here

Charles Orban Blanc de Blancs- Dan Murphy’s – $48
Still one of the best finds I have come across: a surprise package Recoltant wine – excellent value and a great dry style champagne that is zesty and executed really well. Here

$51 to $70

Now its time to really open up the wallet and find some stellar plonk to gift to people you may actually care about!

G.H Mumm Le Rosé – Most Retailers – $56 (on sale)
Still one of the cheapest big time rosés in champagne, but also a great drink with good berry expression and suiting a broader range of palates. The new branding makes it a little more fancy too. Here

Pommery Brut NV – Vintage Cellars – $56
Another underrepresented house, with an exciting flavoured champagne that goes down much too easily. The regular cost at Vintage Cellars has made this great champagne a lot more accessible and it wont disappoint. Here

No need to mention: Bollinger, Pol Roger, Veuve Cliquot & Louis Roederer NV’s make great gifts.

$71 to $100

Time to flip that wallet upside-down and shake it. We’re in special friends territory here:

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs – Duty Free – $99
Got an international flight soon? Grab this on the way through duty free. Not easy to acquire but my goodness is this a drop for top moments. Here

Ruinart Rosé – Duty Free – $99
For exactly the same reasons as the the Blanc de Blancs – this is a must try once in your lifetime champagne. A solid rose. Exceptional gifter. Here

Mumm Vintage 2008 – First Choice Liquor – $90
A great year in champagne, and Mumm captures and releases it to the masses at a decent price of $90. It really transcends the base Mumm. In fact, its nothing like it at all. Here


Not really what this blog is about… but lets go shopping! It’s Christmas, after all….

In true Champagne Tipplers style – this is a cost vs experience recommendation:

Perrier Jouët Blanc de Blancs – Vintage Cellars – $120 (on sale)
Not quite Belle Epoque, sure. But its not far off. And half the price.
Excellent intensity, great flavour and looks pretty. A welcome gift. Here

So, there you have it! Cheat away and let me know what you think!

From myself and my regular tasting crew here at Champagne Tipplers – have a very Merry Christmas!

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