Review: Lanson Père et Fils Brut NV

Champagne Lanson is the ninth largest house in Champagne, and certainly one of the richest in terms of history. Founded in 1760 by Francois Delamotte, the house became “Lanson” after the appointment of close family friend Jean-Baptiste Lanson to the helm of the company in the early 1800’s.

Second-generation owner Nicolas-Louis Delamotte, who was a Knight of the Order of Malta, introduced the Maltese cross logo of the brand.

In the early 1990’s, Lanson was purchased by Moet and Chandon. At that time, Lanson had a touch more than 200 hectares of vineyards. Just six months later, the house was on-sold by it’s new owners with only 2 hectares to its books. Such a brutal loss would kill most houses, but Lanson has since managed to claw back and expand its network of growers to become a key part of one of the largest companies currently in champagne; Lanson-BCC, which is second only to LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Moet, Hennessy).

Lanson has a special position in Australia in that its range is parallel imported – with many of its more well known offerings; Black Label Brut, Rosé, Gold label vintage and Extra Age imported by Pinnacle drinks, and its other more specialised wines such as its Green Label biodynamic offering coming in via a specialist importer.

In this instance, we are trying something from the boutique side of Lanson. The Lanson Père et fils brut NV differs from Lanson Black label in that it was specifically designed for restaurants. Of its key offerings is the promise of a softer delivery to match meals, and some extra complexity brought through an additional year of aging.

Courtesy of its additional importer, Père et fils is made available to regular consumers via duty-free and boutique wine merchants.

Lanson Père et Fils Brut NV Champagne


From: Reims, Champagne, France
Code: NM-232-001
Cost & Source: $45 a bottle from Heinemann Duty Free (on sale)

Blend Ratio: Pinot Noir/Chardonnay/Pinot Meunier: (50/20/30) with 9 g/l dosage
Aging: 4 Years
Disgorged: N/A

Sipped: March 2019

In The Glass:

Look: Pale golden hue with a medium bead.

Smell: An aroma that indicates its 4 years on yeast: Soft dough notes mixed in with a light peach aroma.

Taste: Light and fresh, with a zip of citric tang and crisp hard pear. Not sweet in a sugary sense. Slightly tart at the end of the sip but nothing excessive to make you second guess it.

Doesn’t have a long finish or significant depth of flavour. But that was never its intention. Soft by design and suitable for balance with delicate food such as fish.

A solid, pleasant and easy drinker that is easy to go back to, but not enough wow on its own accord – it really needs to be paired for maximum effect.


Party Potential: Very soft and well balanced (and also cheaper than a bottle of Veuve Clicquot or Moet) I really recommend this champagne for events with a lighter white meat or seafood canapes or picking board.

As a Gift: A nice little forget-me-not present on the way back home thru duty free.

At Home: The price makes it nice and easy to justify use at home with special people.

Score & Verdict:


At $45 per bottle I think its good value for the money.

How did I drink it?

I drank it on a Saturday night to celebrate a civilised start to a wakeboarding weekend.

How did you drink it?

And how did you find it? Let me know!


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