Champagne Cheat Sheet – Christmas 2019

"What is the best champagne for a Christmas gift?" It's that time of the year again, the run into Christmas and New Years. Life is busy and you're pretty much in need of a few drinks come December 25th for either the lunch table or to wrap up as a gift. Let me save you …

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Review: Perrier Jouët Blason Rosé NV

Perrier Jouët is the quiet next-door neighbour to loud and proud champagne giant Moët et Chandon, on the Avenue De Champagne in Epernay, Champagne. The Perrier Jouët house was established in 1811. It is famous for its flower-laden branding, particularly that of the prestigious and fancily painted Belle Epoqué vintage champagne bottles that you can …

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Review: Moutard Pere Et Fils Rosé Cuvée Prestige

Moutard is a family run Negociant Manipulant house based in Buxeuil, Champagne. They are a bit of a jack-of-all-trades house, with wines and spirits also forming part of the family business. They have 21 hectares of champagne varietal grapes. According to the house's own datasheets, the Rosé is built from 55% pinot noir, 30% chardonnay and …

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Review: Champagne Duperrey Rosé Brut NV

Champagne Duperrey is a Marque d'acheteur champagne brand of Australian supermarket giant Woolworths, and is exclusively sold through it's Dan Murphy and BWS chains. How does this work? Woolworths owns the brand label "Duperrey" - which is a homage to adventurer Louis Isidore Duperrey who circumnavigated the globe in his ship La Coquille. This brand is attached …

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Billecart Salmon Brut Rosé シャンパン

Review: Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé NV

Billecart-Salmon is a well known, mid sized house located in the quiet village of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, in Champagne. Founded in 1818 by the marriage of Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon, the house has retained its family heritage and is today managed by François and Antoine Roland-Billecart, who work under the watchful eye of their father; …

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Piper Heidsieck Rose Sauvage

Review: Piper Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage NV

Piper-Heidsieck is the most popular of the 3 well-known Heidsieck Champagne houses. The House began as Heidsieck & Co in 1785 which was split into two companies by bickering descendants in 1838 – One continuing and evolving into Piper-Heidsieck, the other into Heidsieck & Monopole. A third house: Charles Heidsieck, came to be in 1851 …

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