Our Reviews & Scores Explained


Here at Champagne Tips we are all about delivering entertaining and informative reviews on Champagne that is easy to understand.

Our emphasis is on buying champagne on a budget ($100 or less), finding lesser known gems and helping you establish your own preferences in the many brands and styles on offer.

Lastly, we provide some basic food, event and gifting ideas for maximising the potential of your experiences!


We believe Champagne is a drink for celebrations, good times and memorable moments. With so many Champagne houses and styles available there are bound to be some wines that are great memory makers, as well as some that may create bad ones!

We’re here to help reduce the risk in buying something you may not enjoy.

To best capture how enjoyable a Champagne is, we base our scores on the experience it provides:

Champagne Tips Scoring Scale

1 – Insufferable – Undrinkable. Spray-spit in disgust on first sip

2 – Vile – Got a few sips in and “accidentally” spilt it

3 – Tolerable – Gingerly battled to the end of one glass, no chance of having another.

4 – Passable – Drink a whole glass but won’t readily contemplate another

5 – Average – Quite drinkable but no lasting impression

6 – Good – Easily drinkable and reasonably satisfied

7 – Great – Easily drinkable and very pleasing

8 – Excellent – Overly drinkable and quite memorable

9 – Superior – Very, Very drinkable and chuffed to enjoy

10 – The Benchmark – So amazing, you are seriously contemplating filling a swimming pool with it.