Review: Cattier Brut Vintage 2008

Chigny-Les-Roses is a small village located 16km’s south of Reims, Champagne. Despite its size, Chigny-Les-Roses still manages to have a few notable champagne houses which includes Dumangin, Lassalle and (throwing its youngish elbows about) Cattier.

Founded as a house proper in 1918 (prior to that the family were long running grape growers), the business is still very much a family affair with President, Director General and Chef De Cave (Chief Wine Maker) responsibilities being performed by Alexandre Cattier. The house is quite well known for some non-traditional bottle colours and gift boxes, but its premium plonk brand Armand de Brignac has by a clear margin got the most insanely gaudy (and expensive) bottles, putting the show back into champagne – an attitude that carries over to in its marketing.

But is the element of showiness meaningful if it is without substance at the fundamentals?

Cattier is a négociant manipulant (Grows & buys grapes – sells in its own name) operation. The house owns about 34 hectares (Think, 42 football fields) of vineyards, the rest of its grape supply it buys.

Today, Cattier’s 2008 Vintage is being reviewed.

At $48 on sale it is a steal for a vintage – being priced cheaper than most NV offerings from some very well known houses.

With 2008 being an exceptional vintage year – will this translate into a style that could make this a favourite tipple for the drinking year?

Champagne Cattier Millesime 2008 Vintage
Champagne Cattier Millesime 2008 Vintage


From: Chigny-Les-Roses, Champagne, France
Code: NM-140-001
Cost & Source: ~$48 a bottle from Vintage Cellars

Blend Ratio: Pinot Noir/Chardonnay/Pinot Meunier: (51/49/0) with 7 g/l dosage
Aging: N/A
Disgorged: N/A

Sipped: January 2018

In The Glass:

Look: Cattier Vintage pours out in a mid golden hue – it has a fine bead of average intensity.

Smell: Cattier’s Millesime 08 has a zesty, fruit aroma highlighted by tones of sultanas and pineapple.

Taste: This is a zesty and acidic little number on introduction. Dominant flavours of lemon complimented by notes of Grapefruit and red apple

It runs a little vinegar on the finish and leaves the tongue feeling a little sour. The  finish is medium in length. None of it offensive and on the whole this drink is quite pleasant.


Party Potential: Priced to compete with some well known NV‘s, Cattier 2008 will do well at a sophisticated soiree done on a budget. It’s got good canape potential.

BYO to a dinner invitation is also where this will excel.

As a Gift: A vintage champers always makes a decent gift – and while the styling on this bottle isn’t ostentatious – the content is pretty good considering the price.

At Home: Well, this is how I drunk it – catching up on life with a good friend of mine while away on tour 🙂 It suited the occasion!

Score & Verdict:


At $48 per bottle I think its good value for the money

How did I drink it?

I drank it catching up with a close friend and teaching them the crude methods of my tasting notes….

How did you drink it?

And how did you find it? Let me know!


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3 thoughts on “Review: Cattier Brut Vintage 2008

  1. Rambler

    I thought your assessment on Cattier 2008 a bit harsh, but of course no two bottles under cork are the same I suppose, and nor are any two opinions the same. Vive la difference! If we all had the same tastes it would be a boring world.
    For what it’s worth, in my opinion the wine didn’t show the vinegary or sour traits you noted, but did have good toasty, bready autolysis character through the palate and finish. Really complex on nose and in the mouth actually, and worthy of comparison with vintage wines under some notable labels. At less than $50 I think it’s an incredible bargain.


    1. Thanks for the feedback! You’re 100% right – taste is subjective.

      There are a whole pile of variables at play with 10 year old wines – up to an including how it was stored, even in the store, so mine may have seen some heat for a few years

      I do enjoy Cattier products – they are great value and very underrated. The NV is a steal at $32 on sale.


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